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Places on the Kandy Walking Tour

This walking tour was a labour of love. If you think any other places of interest should be included or if you notice that any of the information here is misleading or just plain wrong, please let me know here or by email. I would also like to know more about any of the buildings or places marked with the *, especially if you can cite sources for the information. Also if there are any broken links, please let me know. 

1 -Queens Hotel

This is an old colonial hotel with a swimming pool. It is a quiet oasis in the middle of town with a cheap pastry shop and grand architecture . 

2- Temple of the Tooth Gardens

The gardens contain the statues of:
DS Senanayake Sri Lanka’s first Prime Minister For an alternative view see .
Two of Ehelepola’s children executed by the last King of Kandy, Madduma Bandara (executed by the British -
Hemamala and Prince Danta who brought the tooth to Sri Lanka ( )
Ven. Wariyapola Sri Sumangala Thero ( ).
The skull of Keppetipola Disawe ( ) is also entombed here.

3 -Temple of the Tooth

Kandy’s main tourist attraction, well worth a half-day trip on its own. Kandy was the capital of the Sinhalese Kings from 1592 to 1815. The city is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO, in part due to the temple.

4 -Temple Square

Consists of Vishnu, Natha and Pathini temples, as well as Bodhi trees.
and for a review

5 -Tourist Information Centre

Useful maps and other tourist information.

6- Kandy Cultural Centre 

Situated in a beautiful building not far from the temple complex. They sell replica statues, books, etc and are very helpful.

7-Prince of Wales Fountain

First built in 1875, this wrought iron fountain was recently renovated.

8-Olde Empire Hotel

Built in 1898, originally as a coffee factory. This is a UN designated conserved building and has an excellent view of the Lake from the verandah, as well as interesting movie posters in the entrance and beautiful late Victorian architecture.


Old milepost. Recently repainted so it’s become even more difficult to see the figures.

A2-Walakulu wall

A3-Wooden map of Kandy 

Slightly dilapidated standing map of Kandy on a post .

A4-Royal Bathhouse

Currently (11/2016) being renovated, formerly used by the King’s wives and concubines. Formerly a Library and a Police Station. and which has some gory information about the lake and its construction.

A5-Walk around the lake

The lake was built in 1807 by King Sri WickramaRajasinghe, it has views of the temple, watch out for the wildlife, especially pelicans and monitor lizards on and around the lake. Takes just more than an hour for a complete circuit. See A4 and A6 for further information about the lake.

A6-Jayatilleke Mandapaya

The Royal Summer House, an island in the middle of Kandy Lake, used by the British as an ammunition store. and

A7-Kandyan Arts Association

This is where traditional Kandiyan dancing takes place. They also sell traditional handicrafts. There are lots of reviews of the performances online, eg at

A8 Buddhist Publication Society

Founded in 1958, has an extensive bookshop and library of mostly Theravada Buddhist books. There is a useful online search to see if they stock a book you need or why not just sit in the library and browse?

A10-Malwathu Maha Viharaya

Includes a museum and 15th/16 century buildings, open for tourists. Look out for the large entrance gate and beautiful Buddha image in the ‘Poya-Ge’. and .

A11-Wales Park

Established by King Sri Vikrama Rajasinha, small, peaceful park with views of the Lake, small ponds, Japanese field gun, beautiful trees.

A12-Kandy Viewpoint

Stunning views of Kandy and the Temple of the Tooth across the Lake. Well worth the trip for the photo opportunity.

A13-Wood carving places

In these workshops, situated on Rajapihilla Mawatha you can watch craftsmen at work.

B1-National Museum of Kandy

Built in a former palace for queens of Kandy, This museum houses historical artefacts from the Kandyan period (17th to19th century). Lots of reviews are available online.

B2-British Garrison Cemetery

Restored cemetery plus museum, opened in 1822. Visitors are usually given a free and interesting leaflet.

9-Former colonial stables 

Beautiful buildings now housing attorneys-at-law, Stand opposite to admire, Some are in better condition than others. 

10-St Paul’s Church

Gothic style church started 1843, completed 1848, Also called the Garrison church.

11-Kandy Remand Centre 

This is housed in the former residence of the Elepola family, See 2 above, which was confiscated by the King in 1814.

12-President’s Residence

Visible from the Remand Centre side of the road are the gardens and part of the house where the president stays on official visits, It is also called the President’s Pavilion.

14-Royal Bar and Hotel

Old bar formerly frequented by British officers, and completely renovated between 2009 and 2011. An intimate courtyard, friendly service and a very informative map room make this a good place to stop on your walk. A review of the project to revamp the hotel is at


Another good place to stop is the YMCA. If you fancy soya ice cream or a vegetarian lunch or just short eats this is the place for you. The MCA is involved in a lot of local community projects – see its facebook page.


All of the area north of Sri DaladaVeediya is riddled with backstreets to explore.

C3-Dehigama Walawwa

Housed in a former colonial manor house, where the village headman used to live is the Central Finance building.

16-Jumma Mosque

Stunningly beautiful building in red and white!.

D1-Lord Katharagama Temple

D2-Hotel Casamara

Has a swimming pool and good views of Kandy from the bar on the top floor.

17-Ayurvedic shops

Full of interesting medicines, you can also get a consultation in many including the famous Bowatte’s. For lots of useful information on Ayurvedic medicine in Sri Lanka go to

18-Giragama Walawwa

19-Bahiravokanda Vihara

Big white Buddha, visible from many parts of town, great views from the top. There is a good aerial picture of this statue at

E1-Café Aroma Inn

Modern restaurant, western and Sri Lankan foods. Hotel with nine rooms and all amenities.

E2-Sri Rams Restaurant

Good and reasonably priced Indian food with a Sri Lankan flavor! Plenty of reviews online.

F1-Christ Church 

A small church next to Sri Lankan Army compound,

F2-Dunuwila Walawwa

Former colonial building housing Kandy Municipality since 1870. A small amount of information is at


All of the area north of Sri Dalada Veediya is riddled with backstreets to explore.

21-Devon Bakehouse

A very busy place frequented by lots of locals. There is a restaurant upstairs.

22-Mlesna Tea shop

Very quiet cup of tea can be had upstairs, downstairs a good selection of Sri Lankan teas to buy.

23-The Bake House

Reputed to be Kandy’s oldest surviving bakery, pub upstairs. The history can be found at

G1-George E De Silva Park

A quietish place to sit. Formerly known as Torrington Park. One view of the park is at . One view of George E De Silva is at

G2-Statues near market

One statue is a World War I memorial, The second is Anuruddha  Ratwatte ( ) and of course the third is of George E De Silva (see G1 above). One the other side of the road in ‘Byrd Park’ is a statue of General Kobbakaduwa ( ) . One interesting take on the statues is at

H1-Kandy Clock Tower

Built in 1950 as a memorial to Mohamed Zacky Ismail, Look for elements of the Temple of the Tooth in its design.

H2-Kandy Police Station 

I know very little about the history of this building.

H3-Pillayar Kovil

History unknown (to me), Dedicated to the Hindu God Ganesh, Visitor-friendly.

25-Kandy City Centre Complex

Inside this complex there are banks, shops, a Tourist Information centre (26), tea shops, bookshops and much more.

26-Tourist Information Centre

Inside KCC. Useful maps and other tourist information.

27-Ritzbury Chocolates

Almost opposite Keells in Kandy City Centre, Hand made Sri Lankan chocolates.

28-Public Toilets

Near Keells supermarket inside KCC.

29-Clothing Market

Under George E De Silva Park (G1).

30-DS Senanayake Memorial Public Library

Established in 1841, It has 300,000 volumes.


State owned gift shop, Sri Lankan arts and crafts, souvenirs.

K1-Kandy Central Market

Beautifully displayed vegetables and fruits, Lots of tourist items in an interesting setting. There are a lot of reviews online and some great pictures.

K2-Post Office

Small, quiet post office at entrance to market..

K3-Fruit and Vegetable Market

More down to earth and less touristy than the central market..

K4-Kandy-Colombo bus stand

For services to Clombo.

K5-Kandy Railway Station 

Service to Colombo began in 1867. Interesting architecture.

K6-Kandy Post Office 

Former Kandyan Chieftan’s residence.

L1-Bogambara prison 

One of the oldest buildings in Kandy, permanently closed in 2014.

31-Boating on Kandy Lake

Joy Boat service. Many reviews online.

Special Note

If you notice that any of the information here is misleading or just plain wrong, please let me know here or by email at . I would also like to know more about any of the buildings or places marked with the *, especially if you can cite sources for the information. Also if there are any broken links, please let me know.  

Other places to visit which will appear on version 2 of the map

The Burmese Rest

On DS SenanayakeVeediya. Cheap and quiet place to stay. Good reviews on Tripadvisor and some nice photos.  

International Buddhist Museum

Near the other museums (B1 and B2) on the map. The first of its kind in the world with displays from all Buddhist countries. See .  

Victory Hotel & Bar 

Newly refurbished Hotel & Bar. Good food & good views upstairs.